Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blueberry Cupcakes

I found this recipe a while ago and I instantly wanted to bake these cupcakes! They looked amazing, and the thought of tasting blueberry cupcakes and blueberry cream cheese frosting made me instantly happy!

  The first time I made these cupcakes I made them with frozen blueberries instead of freeze dried blueberries, this happened partly because I couldn't get freeze dried blueberries on short notice... and partly because I didn't really read the recipe correctly. The cupcake turned out great anyway... but I really wanted to try them the right way. So, thanks to a wonderful auntie who got me the freeze dried blueberries I was able to try them again, this time the right way.

Here is the link to the recipe again:  Blueberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Now let's get to the making of these delicious cupcakes!

 I started out by getting all my ingredients out,

then I put the cupcake liners in the pans,

preheat the oven, pulverized the freeze dried berries and pureed the fresh berries.

Set the berries aside and get a bowl to mix your dry ingredients in...

   start by adding in your flour.

Then add in your baking powder...

 ... and your salt.

Mix all these ingredients together.

Set your dry ingredients aside.

Now pour your buttermilk...

... pureed fresh blueberries...

... and vanilla into a bowl or measuring cup and mix them together.

 Set that mixture aside.

   Cream butter,


and lemon zest in a mixer.

 Add in eggs one at a time.

Then mix in your pulverized blueberries.

Now mix in your dry mixture and your liquid mixture alternating... dry, wet, dry, wet, dry.

Once that is all combined.

Scoop it into your cupcake pans.

 Bake for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Now it's time to make that yummy frosting!

Start by whipping your butter.

Then add in your cream cheese and whip that.

Next mix in your pulverized blueberries.

Mix in your powdered sugar.

It is now time to frost your cupcakes... I am out of piping bags so I just put the frosting in a plastic bag and cut the tip off.

Add some fresh blueberries to the top if you want... and there you have it. Delicious homemade cupcakes that are sure to impress!

Enjoy!  Lane Elizabeth

{All photos are credit to my wonderful sister! Check her out over at Zelda's Zoom!}