Monday, March 11, 2013

Citrus Infused Water

The other day I wanted something flavorful to drink... but didn't want to have the extra sugar or calories of juice or soda. I knew that I needed to drink some more water but I really wanted something tasty! I got to thinking and decided that I was going to make some infused water. I headed for the kitchen and there were some beautiful citrus fruits just waiting for me. Now, I know infused water doesn't really need a recipe... but the colors of the pictures were too beautiful to pass up, so here goes.

1 Orange
1 Lemon
1 Lime

Start by setting your beautiful fruit together and admiring it. (Okay... you got me, this step is totally unnecessary but it made me happy! Maybe it will make you happy too!)

Wash of your fruit and cut them into nice thin slices...

   ... here is the orange...

   ... the lemon...

   ... and last but not least, the lime.

Set your citrus aside (I wouldn't blame you if you admired it a little more... I know I did.) and fill up a couple of pitchers with water.

I had one pitcher that was 6 cups and one that was a gallon (16 cups).

Divide up your fruit and add it to the water.

Cover the opening of your pitcher with plastic wrap (so it doesn't absorb any refrigerator tastes) and set in the refrigerator for three hours. Take your water out and remove the fruit, so it doesn't make the water too strong. Drink within two days.

Enjoy! Lane Elizabeth